Tapping Shades

Tapping Shades

Rainfall upsets tapping and productions considerably. Rainwater that flows down the trunk from the crown causes the panel to be wet and upsets the flow of latex along the tapping cut when tapping is carried out. Fixing a rain guard over the panel overcomes such problem. This tool was introduced in 2011 to our estate in Padang Terap and it was given the trade name of ’Tapping Panel Shade’.

The tool is installed above the tapping panel to avoid the tapping panel from getting wet and keep tapping results during rain. The main problem faced by estate owner or rubber smallholders during the rainy season is the tapping panel’s wet condition and result nicks damaged by rain. Rubber trees can only be tapped when the tapping panel is dry. The tapping shade is protective and effective especially in the rainy season.

Advantages of Tapping Panel Shade

  • Made of high quality PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) material
  • Reasonable, affordable price and economic
  • Lifespan : 1 to 2 years
  • Ready to use and easy to fix
  • Tapping panel is dry after rain
  • Provides full cover to latex cup from rainwater drip and drift

Benefits of Tapping Panel Shade

  • Maintains air flow around tapping panel without interruption
  • Easy to use and minimal maintenance
  • Allows frequency of tapping up to nearly 95%
  • Reduces loss of tapping days due to rain
  • Reduces late tapping and recovery tapping
  • Prevents loss of crop due to washout
  • Gives tappers confidence to come out tapping on cloudy days
  • Increases yield with more tapable days
  • Increases income of workers and employers

In summary, we are committed to efficiently supply our agricultural and agro-based products to the market such as Bio-Organic Fertilizer and Tapping Panel Shade. We are continuously enhancing and improving our products and services to the customers. We do cherish our valuable customers.

We believe and highly confident that with the strong foundation built by KLPK and KNSB, we can achieve the group’s mission and vision. Further, the group aims to be the forefront leader in the field of agriculture and agro-based industry in Malaysia within five years beginning 2010.

Definition of Tapping Panel Shade

A tool that is fixed above the tapping panel to protect the panel and latex from rain.
1. Affordable and economically priced
2. Made of high PVC material to maintain tool’s life and to protect from insect attack
3. Easy to carry
4. Estimated lifespan: 1-2 years
5. Easy to use and install
6. Protects latex cup

Function of Tapping Panel Shade
1. Trunks wet after rain
2. Panel tapped remains dry after rain
3. Fully cover tapping panel
4. Protects latex cup