feedlotKLPK Ternak Sdn Bhd operates a feedlot system that can accommodate around 700 heads of cattle at one time. 

The feedlot is housed in a building with specifications as below:

1. Main pillar: Hardwood
2. Roof: Corrugated zinc with two layer system for ventilation
3. Perimeter fencing: 5 line barb wire
4. Travis (Livestock Path): Galvanized iron pipe
5. Feed trough: Concrete
6. Drinking reservoir: Concrete with 500 litre capacity
7. Flooring: Poured concrete with patterned floor
8. Drainage: 1 foot “U” concrete gutter




Type: Cherry Valley

Characteristic: White feather, yellow beak and long body. These birds are egg-meat breed and most popular in Malaysia and Indonesia nowadays due to a very tasty dietary meat. Our ducklings to roam freely in our oil palm plantation to achieve the number one tasting duckling you can buy today.



There are no drugs or hormones in our grains and no genetic altering and our flocks are raised in healthy and sustainable environment. Our ducks are also distinguished by different grades based on weight before distributing:

  • GRADE A+ : 3.1 kilograms
  • GRADE A : Between 2.0 kilograms to 3.1 kilograms
  • GRADE B : Less than 2.0 kilograms

Our “Itik Kedah” brand whole duckling comes fully processed and packs in bag each. Currently, we are promoting ducks in Kedah as well as encouraging people to treat ducks meat as an alternative source of protein.

Among the suggestion menu for cooking our whole ducks are as follows:
1. Rendang Itik
2. Kari Itik
3. Itik Masak Merah
4. Itik Masak Kicap Pedas
5. Itik Salai Masak lemak Cili Api