Animal quarantine service for livestock brought into Malaysia from Thailand.

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The strategic location of the farm which is near the border of Malaysia-Thailand gives an advantage in the process of importing the livestock such as cattle and buffalo. We provide animal quarantine service for livestock brought into Malaysia through Bukit Kayu Hitam. This service is in accordance with the provisions under the Veterinary Law in which it is stated that all livestock must undergo a period of quarantine for the purpose of screening for diseases before they can be distributed locally. The Animal Quarantine Station (Temporary) of LTSSB or known as SKH (S) is monitored by the Department of Veterinary Services (Kedah) and MAQIS.

The operation commenced in October 2010 and has the ability to accommodate as many as 300 heads of cattle/buffalo at one time. We offer a variety of packages that can meet the customer’s quarantine requirements for as low as RM 2/per cow/per day. LTSSB also provides livestock feed, medicines and vaccines as well as identification tags (RFID Tag). For more information, feel free to contact us.

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