Kumpulan Ladang-Ladang Perbadanan Kedah Sdn Bhd (KLPK) is the plantation and agribusiness arm of the Kedah State Economic Development Corporation (KSEDC). The company is involved in rubber and oil palm plantation management, cultivation, rubber processing and downstream activities, agricultural and livestock businesses, as well as organic fertilizer production.

With a land bank totalling 8,444.15 hectares, out of which 3,277.22 hectares were planted with rubber and 5,166.93 hectares with oil palm, the company spans all over the Kedah state in Malaysia. Presently, the operations oversee the management of twelve estates and eight Strategic Business Units (SBUs).

Rubber as the main crop covers 71% of the planted area with oil palm covering 29%. KLPK’s quest to increase productivity is made successful with the implementation of good agricultural practices by the management team, the use of high quality planting materials and the leverage on expert agronomic advice from its esteemed research and development associate.

Processing of the Natural Rubber is carried out at PKNK’s own mill, Kilang Hevea Bukit Perak. KLPK also operates two downstream manufacturing facilities-turning EFB and wastes into organic fertilizer and the production of animal feed especially for cattle. The downstream activities are further value-added by focusing on environmental friendly produce, especially the soil treatment and agricultural support, with the Group’s bio-organic fertilizer business and product innovation such as rain shade for rubber tree.

KLPK is also a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) conscious company. The company is actively involved in social activities that can foster good relationship with local communities and at the same time caring for the environment.

Our history dated way back from the beginning

In the early 1970s’, KEDAH STATE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (KSDC) embarked on its maiden foray into the plantation business, taking on a major milestone in the plantation industry. Assisted by the economic and socio strength and the stability of the Kedah state Government, KSDC has managed to develop two pieces of land, situated in Kubang Pasu District and Kuala Muda District, namely Ladang Laka Temin and Ladang Perbadanan Kedah respectively. Ladang Laka Temin is used for rubber cultivation whereas Ladang Perbadanan Kedah for oil palm.

In 1982, KSDC further developed some 5,000 hectares of plantation land in Pendang, Kedah namely Ladang Bukit Perak which was planted with rubber and eventually in 1992 a rubber processing factory was set up, thus completing the business plan for a rubber business entity for KSDC.

Between 1972 and 1996, another 5,730 hectares were acquired. With all these lands fully cultivated, KSDC, with its long term vision to expand its plantation interest, continues to expand its land bank. Ladang Sungai Ular near Kulim, Kedah.

In 1988, Kumpulan Ladang-Ladang Perbadanan Kedah Sdn Bhd (KLPK) was incorporated to assume the responsibility as the estate managing agent for KSDC, and the management team from the company has assumed the task to develop the company with the cooperation of HMPB together with the hiring of some of HMPB’s employees as the backbone of the company.

In order to strengthen its position, KLPK has entered into downstream processing activities of its primary products which also serve as an extension to the plantation interest. Kilang Hevea Bukit Perak was later set up to process the KSDC’s group estate field latex and lower grade rubber into semi finished raw materials for local and overseas rubber based manufacturing companies.

While plantation business remains the core activity, KLPK has since ventured into fertilizer production with the objectives to unlock the potential of its strategically located land bank and to reduce its dependence on single source income.

Until now, KLPK are managing 13 estates together with all their downstream activities such as produce of agricultural support product and overtakes run all over Kedah state.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

We strive to be the backbone of commodity producers in the Kedah state by providing products and services of the highest quality and by going all the way for sustainable farming practices so as to meet industrial standard as well as offering competitive choices.

Our Mission

As we move forward towards achieving our goal of being a reputable agricultural producer, we will strive at the same time to increase our land bank and product range in five years time.

Our Values
• Provide high quality product
• Provide superior management services
• Encourage innovation/creativity
• Practice sustainable growth and development
• Acknowledge our employees as our most valuable asset
• Protect the quality of the environment
• Serve the society, contribute to the social economic growth through Bumiputera involvement

Principal Activities

Plantation management services, cultivation of rubber and oil palm, processing of natural rubber into Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR), marketing of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) and livestock (cattle) businesses such as feedlot, cattle/buffalo quarantine services as well as animal feed processing are among the activities managed by KLPK.

At KLPK, we are fully committed in delivering a high standard plantation management. We strive for excellence and pledge to offer our services that meet or exceed the industry requirements.

In accordance with the aim of delivering a good quality management in plantation, we are committed to provide the following services:

1) Plantation management services
2) Cultivation of rubber and oil palm
3) Processing of natural rubber into Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR)
4) Supplying manpower, skills and knowledge for estate operation, maintenance and upkeep works
5) Marketing of fresh fruit bunches (FFB)
6) Supply of cattle, buffaloes for livestock business
7) Quarantine services for livestock
8) Produce and supply of silage for livestock

Being prudent in its management approach towards maximising productivity thus to be cost effective.

The KLPK groups of management team are responsible to strengthen the day to day operations and at the same time prepare strategies to meet the challenges ahead. It is envisaged that through close rapport with customers and continuously exploring ways to upgrade the existing standard, products of high quality will be achieved.

Our business operation chart