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Kumpulan Ladang-Ladang Perbadanan Kedah Sdn Bhd (KLPK) is a plantation arm of Kedah State Economic Development Corporation (KSEDC). The company product range has been rationalized in line with the current demand trends and customer’s needs. KLPK was incorporated on the 24th of January 1980 with an authorized capital of RM 10,000,000.00 and paid up capital of RM 3,000,000.00. It becomes operational in the 1st of January 1988 after being appointed to manage the plantation land owned by KSEDC.

In addition to strengthening our position, KLPK has entered into downstream processing of its primary products as an extension to the plantation’s interest. Kilang Hevea Bukit Perak wat set up to process KLPK’s group estate field latex and cup lumps rubber into semi finished raw materials for local and overseas rubber based manufacturing companies.

Our specialization

KLPK is a private limited company established by highly experienced and qualified professionals with many years of plantation administration and management experience in the industry. At KLPK, we are fully committed in delivering a good and high standard quality of plantation management. We strive for excellence and pledge to offer our services that meet or exceed the industry requirement.

Products & Services

SMR 10 & SMR 20


Oil Palm is the highest oil producer among perennial oil yielding crops. It has excellent health attributes. It is rich in vitamins A and E and is cholesterol free.
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The rubber produced by the hevea crumb process conform to the Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR) Scheme and includes both visual standard conventional tyres and the technically specified grades
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Since 1995, livestock activities such as cattle and buffalo feedlots, integrated free grazing in oil palm plantation and breeding of new cross breed are carried out at our operation centre in Ladang Laka
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Pineapple or its scientific name Ananas Comosus is a tropical plant in the Bromeliaceae family. We at KLPK, produces high quality fruits through modern and good agriculture practice farming activites.
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KLPK which is established and appointed by highly qualified professionals in plantation businesses are fully committed in delivering a good and high standard quality of management. We strive for excellence and pledge to offer our services to exceed the industry requirement.

In accordance with aiming to deliver a good management quality in plantation, we are committed to provide the following services:

  • Plantation Management Agent
  • Conversion of vacant land to rubber and oil palm plantation
  • Managing of rubber factory
  • Supplying labour, skills and knowledge for estate maintenance and upkeep works
  • Estate management consultant
  • Purchase of raw rubber and fresh fruit bunches of oil palm

Currently KLPK’s group estates and factory have 1200 staffs and workers. The management of KLPK has always maintained a healthy relationship with their stakeholders in order to ensure all parties pull together in delivering a valuable outcome.

For companies wanting to conduct a test or trial for livestock feed products.
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Animal quarantine service for livestock brought into Malaysia from Thailand.
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Our center has helped a lot of people with ideas and inspirations.
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